Just Build the Wall

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The devil will use any and all means to get Christians sidetracked from what God has called them to do. Such was the case in Nehemiah’s day. He was doing a great work for God and refused to come down from the work. I hope this poem is an encouragement to remind us all to stay focused in our calling. 

Build the Wall – a poem based on the book of Nehemiah
by R.B. Ouellette

(Read at the Spiritual Leadership Conference at Lancaster Baptist Church in 2015)

If a critic should attack, well, build the wall;
There’s no need to answer back, just build the wall.
Just stay busy at the work
And your task, don’t ever shirk;
Undistracted by some jerk—build the wall.

When they pick at how you do it, build the wall,
Never waver, just stick to it, build the wall.
Let them criticize your goals,
In your methods pick some holes—
You stay busy winning souls—build the wall.

Should they trash your name on Twitter, build the wall,
Don’t tweet back and don’t get bitter: build the wall.
When they name you in their blogs
Like a bunch of croaking frogs,
Just ignore the pollywogs—build the wall!

When the phone lines buzz about you, build the wall,
When the long-tongued gossips doubt you, build the wall,
Those who “gripe in one accord”
Do quite little for our Lord.
To slow down, you can’t afford—build the wall.

When the deacons would restrain you, build the wall,
On construction path remain—and build the wall,
Let them pick at what you’ve done;
Shoot at you with gossip gun;
Just ignore them—it’s quite fun—build the wall.

Should they try to cut your pay, just build the wall,
If they just won’t go away, then build the wall,
Let the criticism fly,
Don’t feel sorry, pout or cry,
You’ll outlast them by and by—build the wall.

Should Sanballat criticize you, build the wall,
He’ll your work just advertise, so, build the wall,
Not one work was built by critic
Or a tongue harsh and acidic—
Let them think they’re analytic—build the wall.

They’ll be angry just because you built the wall,
Envy’s what a critic does you—build the wall,
Stay determined in your place,
Every obstacle to face,
And empowered by His grace—build the wall.

They’ll soon fade if you will just go build the wall.
But remember this—you must go—build the wall.
Don’t let them get you off track—
If you have…then get on back!
For it’s laborers we lack—build the wall.

God is seeking faithful men to build the wall.
Who’ll surrender, gladly, then to build the wall;
Who will sacrifice and stay
Faithful at their task each day—
God’s Commission to obey—build the wall.

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