Who I am

I am a Baptist preacher who is passionate about evangelizing the lost, encouraging and equipping the saved, helping and comforting the hurting, and leading people into a vibrant, victorious Christian life. I believe the word of God has all the answers for day to day, real-life issues. We just need to learn them and submit ourselves to the word of God by the power of the God of the word.

I have been privileged to serve our Lord in various capacities, including church-planting, pastoring, evangelism, youth ministry, music, counseling, and others. I love serving with my bride, Karrie and our four children.

Why I do this

People today need help. There are so many ideas and opinions about everything. Many have been discouraged by the current state of Christianity. The most common objection to church is that they are full of hypocrites. Christianity was never meant to be a show. On the other hand we shouldn’t flaunt our sin to avoid “being a hypocite.” Instead, we must learn what it is to live in the grace of God every day, in every circumstance. What I’m talking about is real, authentic, Christianity. My desire is to help people to see what it is all about.

What I can do for you

Beyond the articles and sermons, which would be my first recommendation, I would love to personally be a help to you. I’m here to share my time, resources, and help in any way that I can. I also offer personal counseling. Just fill out the contact box and I’d be glad to get back to you.

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